Quill Away! | Quilling Tools

Below are the basic quilling tools required for your designs and projects.

f16 Slotted Quilling Tool
The slotted qulling tool provides the ability to quickly and easily produce tight rolls.
f19 Quilling Strips
Quillers use thin strips of colorful paper, curling them with their tools to form incredible designs. You can make your own strips by cutting pieces of paper into equal-sized strips, or you can buy pre-cut paper. Standard size is 3mm. Also available in 5mm, 7mm, 10mm.
f17 Quilling Circle Sizer Cork Board
Making It Perfect Every Time! Just roll a strip of paper and place it in a hole size to make the perfect size coil!
f15 Quilling Tweezers
These tweezers are perfect for quilling!! You will love how the fine-tip easily fits into the center of the loose and tight circles. It’s wonderful for handling small pieces!!
f13 Precision Tip Glue Applicator
Perfect applicator for quilling and other projects that require small drops or fine lines of glue. Includes an attached cap! Bottle comes empty so you can fill it with your own favorite glue.
f21 Quilling Comb
A different quilling technique! The Quilling Comb creates beautiful cascading loops and patterns with quilled paper strips. The numbered pins on the tool makes learning the technique simple and fun!
f24 Curling Coach
Curling paper has never been easier! Add a slotted tool to the Curling Coach and this innovative tool makes holding and rolling large tight circles a breeze! It’s perfect for making quilled miniatures! Kids love it too because it gives little hands extra support while rolling!
f22 Quilling 3D Mould
The perfect 3-Dimensional shaping tool! Transforms flat tight coils into perfect domes! 12 different size domes.
f20 Border Buddy
Create perfect borders and shapes for your quilled designs. Contains the square, circle and triangle border buddy with an interchangeable handle.
f23 Fringing Scissors
Use the 5-layers of blades to quickly fringe any strip of paper! Then turn it into a beautiful fringed flower by rolling it up! Creates fringes 1/8″ wide and can also be used to cut 1/8″ wide strips, the perfect width for quilling!
f18 Quilling Grid Guide
Finally!!! Here’s tool to help you make symmetrical snowflakes and flowers! Grid Guide is a cork board with concentric circles and a 5 squares/inch grid on both sides! Husking, braiding and weaving is made easy with this board too.

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