Quilling Shapes Tutorial

Tight Coil
Step 1 – Insert the tip of your paper strip into the slot of your quilling tool and wind tightly.
Step 2 – Secure with glue after carefully sliding the coil off.

Open Coil
05Repeat Step 1. Slide the unglued coil from the tool and allow to gently open into circle shape.

Closed Coil
Repeat Step 1. Slide the unglued coil from the tool. Place it onto the circle template board (into your desired circle size) and allow to gently open. Glue end to secure.
The closed coil is the base shape for all the other shapes in this tutorial.You may wish to make a bunch and then further practice the remaining quilling shapes.

Tear Drop
Begin with the closed coil. Pinch one side to create the tear drop shape.

Bent Tear Drop
1617Begin by making a tear drop. By bending slightly with your fingers, you can achieve a slight curve as pictured to the left.

1213Begin with the closed coil. Squeeze both ends of a closed coil to create a marquis shape.

1920Begin by making a marquis. Curve each tip in opposite directions to form a slug.

2324Begin by making a marquis. Pinch off both rounded sides to a point. Open the diamond shape to reveal the square shape.

1/2 circle (Straight)
2829Begin by making a tear drop. Move the center nearer to the point and then pinch off the bottom on the other sides.

1/2 circle (Curved)
3233Begin by making a 1/2 circle (straight). Press the shape around a pen or similar object to create a cresent shape.

2627Begin by making a 1/2 circle (straight). Pinch off both rounded top to a point. Create a triangle.

Begin by making a tear drop. Press in the round part with the tip of your tool. Simple & easy heart is ready!


Finish! Get started to create your own design!


**This tutorial was designed and created by Neha Shah of Quilling Galaxy. Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.**


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