Get Set Quill

Explore the various techniques of paper filigree. You think the color is too dark or the petals are too small? Great! That means I’ve managed to wake up your imagination! Create your own models and add some paper-made beauty to your lifestyle!

Learn the basic coils and scrolls used most in quilling, then put your new skills to work creating a colorful quilled greeting card.
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Here you will find quilling patterns that you can create from basic figures and simply folded or curled paper strips known as swirls and scrolls.
Get Set Roll >>
Get familiar to the quilling tools and know their purpose. From beginners to advanced, All in one page.
Get Set Roll >>

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11 thoughts on “Get Set Quill

  1. New to your blog – looks like a great place. Have linked to mine. I’ll be checking out the beehive flowers and more!

  2. Nice work.. your tutorials are very easy to understand for anyone who is new to quilling.. looking forward for more designs.

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